WE’RE BAACK!!!!!! The RETURN of TheREWIND and Regularly Scheduled Programming!!

Greetings REWINDNation,

I’m FINALLY happy to announce that we’ll have our first new edition of TheREWIND starting next Sunday June 30th starting at 7:00pm ET!! After 8 weeks due to health reasons we’ll be back on the air with new shows and personally I CAN’T WAIT!! My health is close to being 100%(Thank GOD) and I want to thank you all for your well wishes and prayers! i especially want to thank my radio Partner In Crime,Holly Frye Orman for holding down the fort both at the radio station AND personally putting the word out about my health situation. Holly has been battling her own health issues and has been and continues to be one of the STRONGEST people I know!! Speaking for BOTH of us we thank you for your patience,loyalty and understanding during these trying times. NOW onto business…..

We start off the week with a SPECIAL EDITION of THE BEST OF TheREWIND this Tuesday June 25th as we celebrate the legendary George Michael’s Birthday with an encore rebroadcast of last years 2nd Annual George Michael’s Birthday Special which will air at 3:00pm ET-7:00pm ET. The show will feature all of George’s hit songs,his hits with fellow WHAM! member Andrew Ridgeley, his many collaborations with artists such as Lisa Stansfield,Queen,Mary J Blige,Paul McCartney and more. This show is among our highest rated and most listened to shows and we STILL get positive feedback and request to re-air the show over a year later!!

Moving ahead to this Thursday June 27th at 2:00pm ET marks the return of THE BEST OF TheREWIND to it’s regular day and time where we’ll rebroadcast the George Michael 2nd Birthday Special starting at 2pm ET-6pm ET then we’ll re-air our REWINDEssentials Album Series featuring George Michael’s OLDER/Unplugged LP’s which originally aired October 19th of last year from 6pm ET-9pm ET.The show highlights George’s 1996 LP OLDER and George’s MTV Unplugged Special which was released on CD in 2017.

Which brings us to our first NEW show on Sunday June 30th at 7pm ET-10:00pm ET which we’ll bring you and all new “Six Degrees of Separation” with the supergroup Journey who’s members are a part of or have been affiliated with MANY other groups and artists who’ll we will be featuring such as John Waite,ASIA,Santana,The Tubes,Whitesnake,Kenny Loggins,The Cars,Jefferson Starship  and of course Journey! Of course you can follow Holly and I on Facebook live during the show for comments, trivia and just plain fun!! Holly produced the show and came up with a great idea for our first show back! So stay on Facebook for post concerning this week’s programming and I can’t wait until we get back on the air!!!

              Leslie “DJ LROB” Robinson!!

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