Tonight’s Show CANCELLED

Tonignt’s Rock’n’ Soul CAFE will not air tonight out of respect to our loving friends at HOUSE OF CLASSICS RADIO as they lost a beloved family member and loyal listener,Paul Mosher who sadly passed away suddenly last evening. He was a close friend of HOC’s DJ/co-owner Danny Travali aka DJ DannyT and SheriBaby Abruscato and beloved by ALL of the listeners at the station. The HOC Radio family are devistated by this, so much so they cancelled their show last night. On a personal note Paul confided his health issues and welcomed me into the HOC Family with open arms. He also listened to OUR shows with regularity and quite enjoyed them. With his background as a DJ he enjoyed our music show topics. He made me feel at home and I enjoyed our conversations in The HOC Chatroom. I was completely floored by his passing and i’ve only known him for little over a month. THAT’S how great of a person Paul was,it only took a minute for you to like the man! His favorite song was the Average White Band’s,”Let’s Go Round Again” and whenever I hear that song I’ll think of Paul! Rest in Musical and Spiritial PEACE,Paul.

                                 ~Leslie Robinson

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