Tonight starting at 6pm ET we celebrate the opening of our brand new REWIND ChatRoom!!

Please join us Tonight at 6:00pm ET as we reveal our brand new REWIND Chat Room which we’ll play some classic 70’s and 80’s songs! Our NEW chat room will take the place of Facebook for all of our conversations,songlists and requests. No longer will you have to rely on getting kicked out of FB just by trying to make a comment. Also with our new chat room you’ll be able to hear our show without having to use multiple devices to chat and listen to the show. Just press the volume setting and then press the “play Radio” button and you can listen to great music AND comment at the same time! The link we’ll be using from now on is ! So starting tonight we’ll be using a whole new way to communicate with each other that’s easier,simpler and faster! I’m looking forward to testing it out with as many of our listeners as possible so please tune in with Holly and me! Special shoutout to our good friends DJ Freddy Greene from Digital Visions Radio for suggesting the idea! 


And as a BONUS we’ll have our great new friends at House of Classic Radio featuring SheriBaby AKA “The BOSS LADY” and DJ DannyT and their great listeners tuning in as well! After OUR show ends at 8:00pm ET please join me as we’ll ALL go over to THEIR chatroom as DJ DannyT will be playing some great music while we all listen to “The BIG Game”! 

Hope you all can join in!

                                ~Leslie Robinson-DJ L ROB!!!!

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