Tonight at 7PM ET~TheREWIND Easter Sunday Tonight at 7PM ET~TheREWIND Easter Sunday Special:ANYTHING Goes! All 70’s & 80’s HITS!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET i’ll be on the air playing classic 70’s and 80’s Hits from all genres,many songs you’ll know,some you won’t but we’ll enjoy this Easter Sunday listening to great music together. To be honest Holly and I scheduled Easter off as we do every year however because of the current circumstances I’ve decided to just go ahead and play music for our music loving listeners to enjoy because let’s face it,we need something to lift our spirits up. I’m scheduling the show from 7-9pm ET,depending on how many listeners we have. If we have more than usual,we’ll keep playing another hour and have an impromptu REQUEST HOUR! Then after our show please tune into our radio family at HOUSE OF CLASSICS RADIO as they do their regular Sunday set. To listen and chat at the same time to our show follow us at and to follow HOUSE OF CLASSICS RADIO go to ! So let’s get ready to enjoy great hit music TONIGHT!

                                                                  ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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