Tonight at 7PM-TheREWIND’s Top 40 Edition/Chart Topping Series IV featuring the Top 40 songs for the week ending March 26th,1977

Tonight starting at 7:00 PM ET we continue with our 4th Top 40 Edition/Chart Topping Series with the top 40 songs for the week ending March 26th,1977. We’ll go back in time 41 years and listen to great music from legendary artists like Rod Stewart,Boz Scaggs,The Bee Gees, ABBA,Barbera Streisand,George Harrison,Fleetwood Mac and a young duo based in Philadelphia who had their first of many #1 hit singles. This time period of music was especially fun for me because this time period is when I first became immersed into the different genres of music and back in the 1970’s,every Sunday on the radio there was at least two top 40 countdown shows and I would listen to the entire shows,learning and enjoying all of these different genres of music and how far a song went to on the Billboard Top 40 Singles Charts. Of course,Holly who was the mastermind behind these special shows and this one will be on Facebook along with Claudia and myself while the show is on so please follow us and comment. Hope to “see” you there at 7 tonight!

                                                                         ~DJ LRob

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