Tonight at 7 PM ET-TheREWIND’s Chart Topping Series Vol. V featuring the Top 40 songs for the week ending May 12th,1984

 Tonight at 7:00 PM ET we continue with our 5th Top 40 Edition/Chart Topping Series with the top 40 songs for the week ending May 12th,1984. The year 1984 was a HUGE year musically in the 1980’s and we’ll hear from musical artist who helped make the 80’s spectacular! We’ll hear from such artist as Phil Collins,Madonna,Kool and The Gang,Van Halen and more! Be sure to follow Holly and Claudia and myself on Facebook during the show for comments and feedback. It should be a great night for music so don’t be late….you just may miss out on your favorite song!

                                                   ~DJ LRob

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