Today at 4PM ET//1PM PT on THE BEST OF TheREWIND: Class of 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Rebroadcast!

We’re proud to announce the return of The BEST OF TheREWIND today starting at 4:00PM ET/1:00PM PT! And on today’s show we’ll rebroadcast this past Sunday’s show which was dedicated to the Class of 2020 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees and Nominees including The Doobie Brothers, Whitney Houston,Chaka Khan/Rufus,Todd Rundgren. We will try to keep the time our “BEST OF” shows to Saturdays at 4PM ET from now on however YOUR feedback is vital to us as we try to fit into ebveryone’s busy schedules! Please let us know via Facebook or please send us an e-mail directly here at the station to let us know how you feel about our NEW day and time for THE BEST OF Show! Of COURSE we’ll be here every Sunday for TheREWIND and Wednesday for The Rock n Soul CAFE! Thank you for your support!

                   ~Leslie Robinson aka DJ L Rob!

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