This Week on REWIND RADIO NOW!!! Listener’s Poll results/This week’s “BEST OF”/What’s on this Sunday!

Greetings RewindNATION,

This week on REWIND RADIO NOW:

Well we’ve conducted our very first Retro Lounge show theme Poll and the results are in….we had 4 different show topics to vote on:

An artist’s blocks show: a show featuring 2-4 songs in a row from your favorite 70’s/80’s artists, a show dedicated to the genre “yacht rock”, An ALL REQUESTS show and a “fill in option” in which you choose a topic, and the winner IS……..

By a 16-3 ROUT,this Thursday starting at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT TheRewind’s Retro Lounge will do Artists’s Blocks! An entire show full of 2-4 songs in a row from your favorite 70’s/80’s artists! Thanks to all that voted. I know I said that the polling would close on Wednesday however when we get landslides like THIS I think a mercy ruling has to take effect so that’s what our show will be about! 

Also we’ve been getting inquiries about our new listeners who didn’t hear our Michael Hutchence Music Special back in April so Holly and myself will get together and find a special time and day to re-air this special rebroadcast again in the near future. Special thanks to new Facebook Retro Lounge members Lisa Rhodes, Jean Connolly, Foxi Lefierce and Noreen Flanagan for starting the fires burning on this idea!

This Saturday on THE BEST OF TheRewind we’ll rebroadcast this past Sunday’s show,TheRewind:Underground featuring artists,The Pretenders,Pat Benatar,Simple Minds,Blondie,The Clash and Talking Heads. THE BEST OF airs this Saturday at 4:00pm ET/1PM PT.

And this Sunday starting at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT on TheRewind proudly presents:


That’s right! Two of the BIGGEST artists of the 70’a/80’s AND 90’s, Elton John and Billy Joel have TONS of hits and YOU our listeners have to determine WHO is the BETTER artists? BOTH are excellent songwriters/piano players and ICONS in the 70’s and 80’s! More details on how to vote are coming up! This should be a great show!!

So there you have it! Please go to our Facebook Group Pages, RewindNation and TheRewind Retro Lounge for more music/station info!

                                ~Holly and DJ L ROB!!!


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