ALL Things Must Pass….The future of TheREWIND and TheREWIND//UK…..

Greetings REWINDNation,

First off,I hope everyone had a great summer. For me,this has been a very trying summer season to say the least,however you have to try to put your best foot forward and put a smile on your face regardless if you want to or not. But sometimes,”LIFE” gets in the way and it’s during these times you have to do what you have to do and make adjustments. Sadly that includes the radio station and all activities involved with it. 


Recently our own producer Holly Frye Orman has gone through a lot,she’s become a grandmother(congratulations),sadly lost a family friend and now she has had to deal with a lot of medical issues of her own having to go back and forth to the hospital. Naturally, during this time,she hasn’t been able to participate in almost all aspects of the station and her lost has been tremendous!

Our other producer Claudia May,who has been nothing less than a brainstorm when it comes to ideas for shows has been dealing with life issues,mainly with her son going off to college and work has to juggle all of this PLUS try to fit it programming for the station despite a five hour time difference from her native United Kingdom to the USA which is very tough and at times frustrating. 

And on my end trying to balance the radio station and show duties and being a single father has NOT been easy. All three of us have been struggling to maintain a equal balance between our own personal lives and our duties at the station,particularly the two shows we produce and our “BEST OF” shows and “Move It Mondays.”  With recent events happening at the same time kind of caused a “perfect storm” for pre-empting scheduled live show at the last minute,changing days for live show,so on and so forth which doesn’t make for a good dependable internet radio station.Between all three of our situations,a decision had to be made about the foreseeable future of the station,show wise. Unfortunately, for the present time TheREWIND//UK has been put on a temporary hiatus and TheREWIND as we know it will be reduced to all music format segments on Monday nights at 7PM ET and not the normal “live” interactive format that has made our show what it was in the past. The “BEST OF” and “Move It Mondays” will be put on hold also. As always,the station will be playing the BEST music from the 70’s and 80’s,24 hours and day,7 days a week. This will NOT be permanent,however I cannot give a timetable when things return to a normal schedule,when that happens,you’ll be the first to know. I like to thank everyone for your support and listenership this past year and a half and hope to continue and grow the station when we get back to a regular schedule. Until then please look at Facebook and the website for news and details and here’s looking to the future…Thank you!

   Leslie Robinson: COO/Creator-Rewind Radio

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