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TheREWIND/UK Edition’s Debut is today at 19:00/7:00 pm/2:00 pm EST with The British Invasion V2 Volume II/1981-1990

Hello REWINDNation,

Today is a BIG day in REWINDNation as we air the very first “LIVE” UK Edition of TheREWIND done especially for our wide and vast UK listening audience due to popular demand. Each and every Wednesday at 7:00 pm/19:00 UK time-2:00 pm EST US we’ll have a LIVE broadcast playing the greatest songs from the 70’s and 80’s.Tonight’s show covers the famed British Invasion V2 covering 1981-1990,the period when a mass of UK music acts brought their unique sounds over to the USA and dominated the US/UK charts for the entire decade. I did the first edition of the Brit Invasion back in May(in fact it was our 2nd “official” show) and we BARELY scratched the surface of all the songs and artist that the USA grew to love from the UK,so we’ll expand our show and do a Volume II tonight! The fun starts promptly at 7:00 pm/19:00 UK time-2:00 pm EST/US time so don’t be late for this brand new incarnation of TheREWIND!


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