TheREWIND’s 1st Opinion Survey………

Hello REWINDNation,

In the past nearly 4 months that I’ve done TheREWIND I’ve always been interested in what my listeners thought of the music/artist being played on the show and I guess here is as good a place as any to start a discussion as to what your opinion is on various music topics/artist to play on the show so I will create a weekly discussion/survey as to exactly what you want to hear on the station,so that being said,here goes……In YOUR opinion what band/group/artist from the 70’s and 80’s exemplifies “Rock” AND “Soul” combined.Who blends these two music genres to become one harmonic blend and style of their own? This can be ANY music artist or group from the 1970’s thru the 1980’s you choose and if the majority thinks that particular group/artist is deemed worthy of the crown,I’ll feature their music on an upcoming show. It’s YOUR way of contributing to TheREWIND making it TRULY an interactive show! So….the balls in YOUR court! Who in YOUR opinion,best combines ROCK and SOUL together as an artist/group. Please post YOUR thoughts on Facebook/Twitter and we’ll further discuss this survey on upcoming shows. I CAN’T WAIT to hear from you! So now let’s hear from TheNATION!~special thanks to Holly Frye Orman for lighting a fire under my butt..LOL


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