TheREWIND UK/Midday Edition debuts Wednesday July 5th at 18:00 UK time/1:00 pm EST

Cheers REWINDNation,

When I first debuted TheREWIND back on April 28th,I said that with all the potential Facebook friends that I had all over the world that the show really had the probability to truly become an “International” show and now I can say it really IS!! Starting July 5th,TheREWIND will add a Wednesday show at a decent hour for those listeners in The UK and Europe/Asia. A special thanks goes to Claudia May,who spearheaded this whole idea in the first place. With her help and guidance,we can build up the show to even bigger things internationally. I’m looking forward to bringing TheREWIND to a new audience and truly growing “REWINDNation” into a worldwide tribe!


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