TheREWIND tonight at 7 PM ET presents our 1st REWIND Top 40 as we play the 40 biggest hits from the week ending February 4th ,1984!

That’s right,REWINDNation,starting tonight at 7:00 PM ET we’ll go back into time and play the Billboard’s Top 40 singles from the week ending February 4th,1984!You’ll hear hits from artist as Duran Duran,Yes,Lionel Richie,Hall&Oates,The Police,Madonna and a whole lot more as we count down the hits from 40 to No.1! Of course Holly,Claudia and myself will be on Facebook while the show’s on so please join us and tell us how you feel about the show and the songs and enjoy a trip back into time….1984!

                                                               DJ LRob

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