TheREWIND moves to Monday nights at 7PM ET~RANDOM THOUGHTS from The Captain’s Chair

Hello REWINDNation,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a “Random Thoughts” blog here,but no time like the present to catch up!:


  • The major news is that starting August 6th,our flagship radio show,TheREWIND moves from Sundays to Monday nights at 7:00 PM ET-10:00 PM ET. We’ll have plenty of notifications on Facebook as a reminder of the day change and I truly hope that everyone can listen in to our Monday shows with all the passion that you did for our Sunday shows. Everything else on the radio schedule stays the same.
  • Our scheduled shows for August are very interesting: we’ll do another of our Endless Summer Nights series,do an album spotlight show featuring U2,have a “family” themed show,a “girls night out” theme,A Bryan Adams/Tina Turner team-up show,another Top 40 Chart Topping Series show from 1979 and that’s just for starters so be on the lookout for these shows right here!
  • Well that’s it from me,please feel free to e-mail us with your comments and questions and please follow us on Facebook for up to date info on upcoming shows.



                             ~Leslie “L ROB”Robinson

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