TheREWIND honors Super Bowl Sunday: No “Official” show Tonight but …..

Greetings REWINDNation,

Today in the USA we celebrate what’s known as an “unofficial” national holiday,Super Sunday in which,for our International listeners is when we take the entire day to celebrate the Super Bowl which is played every year around this time which the two best teams in the NFL square off until a NEW champion is crowned. As most of you know,I was born,raised and currently live in Philadelphia,home of Daryl Hall & John Oates and home of The Philadelphia Eagles who just happen to be in THIS year’s BIG GAME going up against The New England Patriots in Minneapolis,Minnesota at US Bank Stadium tonight at 6:28 ET US time. So because of that,there will NOT be a live REWIND tonight but I WILL be on playing music at around 1:45PM ET US time for about 90 minutes or so just playing random great music from the REWINDRadioNow music library. Also we’ll talk about our upcoming show this Wednesday February 7th at 2:00PM ET US time//7:00PM UK time. So I hope you tune in to the station,not just now but ANYTIME,24/7. 2018 looks like a BIG year for us! On behalf of Claudia,Holly and myself thank you for listening and being part of the station!

                                                    Leslie “LRob” Robinson


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