TheREWIND celebrates our 100th SHOW// REWIND RADIO NOW celebrates our 1st Anniversary today at a special time at 5:00 PM ET

Greetings REWINDNation,

We’ve FINALLY made it to 100 shows/1 year(actually this is our 108th show but who’s counting..LOL)! I had NO idea that we would be on the air for over a year let alone 100 shows!! BUT with your help,participation,inspiration and motivation here we are! And today starting at a special early time 5:00 PM ET we will celebrate being on the air for a year and play all those hit songs you know and love from the 70’s and 80’s! We’ll also do a little Q and A with questions that I’ve gotten over the past year and will answer them all. When I started the station it was a one man show however I soon found out that there were other music lovers than myself who enjoyed 70’s/80’s music just as much as I did. Two of them were so passionate about the station and the music that they offered their services to help make the station/website a success. Holly Frye Orman and Claudia May are those two wonderful people who not only helped shape this internet radio station but made this TRULY an international radio station/website. They are the Executive Producers/Vice Presidents of Rewind Radio Now Inc. and are involved with EVERY aspect of the running of this radio station/website and we would NOT be here without them and I want to thank them VERY much for their continuing support both to ME AND the station! LOVE you BOTH,Ladies XOXO! Please join us on Facebook during the show for your questions,answering trivia and your song request as the show has NO official format tonight,just you and ME!! I hope to see you all there as we launch into our 2nd year!

    Leslie”DJ LRob”Robinson-Creative Chief/Founder/Exec.Producer REWIND RADIO NOW Inc.

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