The Return of T BONE’S Prime Cuts!! T-Bone is BACK!!!!

That’s right! After more than a year off the airwaves,one of radio’s BEST musical radio programs is coming back on the air! And it’s all attributed to the courage and strength of the mastermind behind T-Bone’s Prime Cuts,it’s creator and host/producer Terry Mathley. Terry created and hosted/produced T-Bone’s Prime Cuts for well over 8 years. Terry’s love for music is vast and pure,crazy and defined! His taste in music genres go from classic rock,pop,soul,R&B,blues,jazz,country,rap,folk music and everything in between! T-Bone’s show was based out of Indiana and aired on WICR-FM 88.7 in Indianapolis,Indiana for 8 1/2 years starting in 2010. Each Saturday starting at Midnight ET until 2:00 am,T-Bone would regal his vast listeners with songs from artists like Buck Owens one minute,and the VERY next song would be from RUN-D.M.C.,the next…Black Sabbath,then,Otis Redding,James Brown,Mahalia Jackson,The Archies,The Monkees,Thelonious Monk and so on and so forth.You never knew WHO he would play next! That was part of the hook to listening to his show, you just never knew what songs he would play NEXT! As you probably know about me,I began this station in April of 2017. Before I started I spent nearly a year researching on HOW I was going to present my station’s flagship program,as I knew the format was going to be a 70’s and 80’s music station. I was listening to other internet music radio shows and someone mentioned T-Bone’s show. After listening to just one show,I was mesmerized!! Not only did he have the most diversed playlist on radio,terrestrial OR internet but as I would coin his show,THE most ECLECTIC show on radio…PERIOD!!!” Not only that,he had a vast,dedicated listening audience all over the world…LITERALLY! The most unique aspect of his show was while the show was on the air,he would engage his listeners on Facebook LIVE answering questions about the artist,asking trivia questions and naming the artists,the name of the song,the LP and the year the song was released. I immediately became a HUGE fan of not only his show,his format but HIM as well. I reached out to Terry and told him of my dream to have not only my own radio station but my own music program. I asked him if I could use his show as a template for me to follow.(LOL,that’s a roundabout way of saying copying his show format) To my amazement,not only did he give me the OK,he helped me create the station,he helped produce some of my earliest shows,and recorded my shows for encore broadcasts which would be the genesis of our “THE BEST OF” shows which air each and every Thursday at 2 PM ET. He supported me each and every week listening to my shows and giving an honest opinion on how I did. He even promoted MY radio station and show while HIS show was on the air!! I cannot tell you the thrill I had when T-Bone first mentioned the show on the air! Many of you may not know this but Terry and I became true confidants and friends contacting each other nearly every day. But in my opinion,the MAIN thing that Terry gave me,in which I think is the BACKBONE of our show,TheREWIND is the idea of listeners following us live on Facebook during the show so the listeners could interact with me and my producer Holly Frye Orman with fun trivia and great memories which in MY opinion is the heartbeat of this station and our show! Terry didn’t have to do ANY of this but he did that and MORE! I can honestly say that you wouldn’t be viewing this blog OR listening to this station without Terry’s help and guidance! Sadly in 2017 Terry’s health started to decline,but even then he STILL pushed forward and did his radio shows every week. Unfortunately in early 2018 Terry had to have major surgery which meant he had to say goodbye to something he loved with a passion…his music and his radio show. Terry has had a very tough couple of years, but he kept on fighting the good fight and prayers from his friends and listeners and special assistance from his very good friend,singer songwriter and healthy lifestyle advocate Sherry King, truly an angel in spirit(you should hear one of her songs)he has come a LONG way,so much so that he is resuming his radio show and his music blog at where you can find his music reviews,blogs and past musings and blogs from his old website. He will also be BACK on the air starting this and every Saturday afternoons from 1-3:00 PM ET on with The BEST of BONE, featuring vintage archived shows from T-Bone’s Prime Cuts! What’s in the future? Brand NEW shows coming soon from one of music’s GREATEST minds and and a true fighter with an indomitable spirit, a great big heart and a man that I can PROUDLY say is a my music BROTHER! My friend! I can’t wait to listen to you again on the airwaves,my BROTHER, it’s been lonely without you!

                  ~Leslie”DJ L ROB” Robinson

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