{RS~33} Tonight at 8pm ET on TheREWIND’s Rock-N-Soul CAFE we’ll explore great SMOOTH JAZZ songs and a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about our show!

Please join us Tonight starting at 8:00pm ET on The Rock-N-Soul CAFE we’ll feature some great 70’s and 80’s songs from the SMOOTH JAZZ genre featuring a wide variety of artists! Plus we have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT about the future of our showRemember to follow our show via out NEW Chatroom at LIVE during the show where you can converse with other listeners,make comments,requests songs AND listen to the show without using multiple devices. We will still post our show announcements on Facebook however from now on we’ll chat exclusively in our own station chatroom!

{Can’t wait for the start of TheCAFE? Please join us an hour earlier starting at 7:00pm ET for The COFFEE Hour as we’ll play random 70’s/80’s hit songs! Special shout out to our friends at House of CLASSICS Radio and Digital VISIONS RADIO for hanging out with us!}

                                                                            ~DJ L ROB!!!

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