[RS-32] Tonight at 8pm ET on TheROCK-n-SOUL Cafe it’s an ALL REQUESTS NIGHT!!

Tonight starting at 8:00pm ET//5:00pm PT on TheRock-n-SoulCAFE we do our monthly ALL REQUESTS SHOW where the listeners call the shots!(I get to play a couple of songs,LOL!) Follow the show on Facebook for comments,great memories, songlist and of course YOUR REQUESTS!! This will be the last LIVE show in January and the last live show until NEXT Wednesday because we’re off for the Super Bowl(oops I meant to say “The BIG Game” LOL) so  catch us here TONIGHT!!


{Can’t wait until the start of TheCAFE? Feel free to join us an hour early at 7:00pm ET  TONIGHT for TheCOFFEEHour as we’ll play blocks from your favorite artists from the 70’s and 80’s}

                                                ~DJ L ROB!!!



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