[RS-31] Tonight at 8pm ET on TheREWIND’s Rock-N-Soul CAFE salutes INXS’s Michael Hutchence’s Birthday w/Friends!

Tonight at 8:00pm ET//5:00pm ET ,The Rock-N-Soul CAFE celebrates Michael Hutchence’s Birthday by playing classic hit songs from INXS,Duran Duran,George Michael,Nile Rodgers,Ray Charles,Billy Paul,Hall & Oates,U2 and Micheal himself! Michael would have been 60 had he lived and we’ll celebrate his music as well as his friends and influences in the music industry. Please follow the show live via Facebook for comments, songlists and of course in our 2nd hour YOUR REQUESTS!! It should be a fun show so please join us tonight as we cap off the evening with great music and great company!

                                                                         ~DJ L ROB!!!!

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