[RS-25] Tonight at 8pm ET We Celebrate Our 25th Rock-N-Soul Cafe with Smooth Grooves from the 80’s!!

Tonight starting at 8:00pm ET please join us for a SPECIAL EDITION of TheREWIND’s Rock-N-Soul Cafe as we celebrate our 25th Show!! And for tonight we’ll present another installment of our Smooth Grooves 80’s style! What are “smooth grooves”? Well if you ask ME,you’ll know it when you hear it! Silky soulful,great vocals,melodic sounds,that’s a good start and we’ll play some of those great tunes. And in our weekly Hall & Oates segment we’ll keep the “smooth grooves” vibe going by playing some of Daryl and John’s smoothest album cuts from their vast musical catalog! Please feel free to follow the show LIVE on Facebook for song playlist,comments, great memories and of course the ALL Requests 2nd HOUR!! So please join us as we celebrate our 25th show tonight!!

                                                                                            ~DJ L ROB!!!

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