{RL~48}Tonight at 7PM ET on TheRewind’s Retro Lounge: It’s 70’s/80’s ALL REQUESTS NIGHT!!!

Tonight starting at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT on TheRewind’s Retro Lounge it’s an ALL REQUESTS Night for the entire show. That’s right ALL Requests, ALL show via our exclusive chatroom: only caveats are, that you limit your requests to one song per segment so everyone has a chance to ask for a request,try NOT to make it a artists dominate show ( in other words a Hall & Oates, INXS,George Michael dominating show) and try to keep the songs popular songs that people remember or great album cuts that the listeners can groove to and keep the songs 70’s/80’s centric (we could sneek in some 60’s/90’s songs for good measure). However if we only have a few listeners in the chatroom then all bets are off! So c’mon in our chatroom tonight and enjoy some great music! SEE u there!

                               ~DJ L ROB!!!


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