Rewind RadioNow Chronicles[Goodbye Summer 2020]: Remembering the Great Holiday Weekend Radio Special Countdown Shows!


In this 2nd edition of The Rewind Radio Now Chronicles I want to take you all back with me to a time when Top 40 radio was TRULY top 40 radio! Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s,top 40 radio stations in my hometown,Philadalphia on big holiday weekends (Memorial Day,July 4th,Labor Day) would dedicate the entire weekend and have what would be called,”The GREATEST 500 Songs of ALL TIME Countdown” weekend by playing some 500 of the best Top 40 songs from the past say 5 to 10 years of that particular time period. For people who spend their holiday weekends traveling by car,going to the shore,going to visit family members,going to an amusement park would have their car radios glued to these radio stations just to hear their favorite pop songs from the past,songs that they haven’t heard in years and enjoying listening to the radio almost as much as going away for the holiday weekend. These holiday countdown specials were SO popular that they had more listeners than their regular programming. I would listen in for practically the ENTIRE weekend,from Friday evening at 6pm whe the countdown started until that Monday at 6pm when the #1 song was finally revealed simply because I didn’t want to miss hearing my favorite song from the past.Even when I went away I still brought my transistor radio and 2 packs of AA batteries along to listen in. And even the local skating rinks and bowling alleys would pipe in those countdown radio shows from their speakers so listeners could enjoy great music! It’s this premise that I’ve used on our radio station on every major holiday weekend (with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years because most people play holiday music during that time) playing a GREATEST Hits countdown or Great Songs of sorts including THIS Labor Day Weekend as we say Goodbye to Summer 2020 this Sunday September 6th at 7pm ET/4pm PT on TheRewind as we play classic hit songs from the 70’s and 80’s while you, our listeners enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Although most (if not ALL) local radio stations may not continue with this great tradition anymore but we do and welcome you to enjoy this great radio holiday weekend event!!

                               ~Leslie Robinson aka DJ L ROB!!

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