REWIND RADIO NOW’s November Artists of the Month: THE DOOBIE BROTHERS

Greetings RewindNATION!

I’m happy to introduce our November Artists of the Month: The Doobie Brothers!

In honor of The Doobie Brothers FINALLY getting inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this month we will proudly spotlight their musical journey from the beginnings in 1971 to the 2000’s. 

The Doobie Brothers were formed by original members Tom Johnston and John Hartman in the late 1960’s. In 1970 they met future Doobie Patrick Simmons and called their group “Pud”. They soon adopted their now iconic group name and in 1971 released their first self titled album. It went NOWHERE, however they had on board producer Ted Templeman who produced all their albums throughtout the 70’s and early 80’s, bass guitarist Tiran Porter who worked with Pat Simmons in a band and drummers Michael Hossack and John Hartman and together they released their second album,Toulouse Street in 1971 and their musical careers skyrocketed. With their very first hit song, “Listen To The Music”, The Doobies found their niche and soon came the platinum albums and hit songs throughout the early and mid 1970’s including their first #1 song, “Black Water” written and sung by Pat it became their first million selling single. In late 1974, guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter joined the band after leaving Steely Dan. This would become very important in the direction the band went in the late 70’s because starting in early 1975 Tom Johnston’s health started to take a turn for the worse in fact it was SO bad that during their 1975 tour Johnston had to be hospitalized. This was a MAJOR problem because Tom was the frontman/lead singer and this opened a huge hole in the band. Jeff suggested singer/keyboards/songwriter Michael McDonald who worked with Baxter with Steely Dan singing background vocals on their early albums. Michael joined the Doobies to finish out their tour. However with Johnston’s condition getting worse with a bleeding ulcer and the band contracted by Warner Bros. to record another album, Michael teamed up with Pat and the rest of the band for their sixth album, Takin’ In To The Streets released in March 1976 and they went to even bigger heights as a group. 

The band reached their apex in 1979 when they released their eighth and biggest album, Minute By Minute which contained their biggest selling single, “What A Fool Believes” their #1 single written by Michael and Kenny Loggins. In 1980 they released One Step Closer another platinum smash, however with a combination of members leaving and new members joining, constant pressure on Michael to do a solo album and most of all, Patrick Simmons, the remaining original member wanting to leave the group, they all decided to break up the band mutually in 1982 with their “Farewell Tour”. Michael of course had a successful solo career and in 1989, Patrick,Tiran,Mike Hossack along with co-founders Tom Johnston and John Hartman reformed The Doobie Brothers and released the album Cycles which contained the suprise hit single,“The Doctor”. Although they never obtained their earlier success,various members worked with this newly formed incarnation including Tom,Pat and John McFee who joined The Doobies in 1980 to record their One Step Closer LP. The three members have toured together since 2000. In 2019, at a concert in Nashville, Michael came out for a guest appearance and performed Takin’ It To The Streets to a huge standing ovation. Then at the end of the concert, Patrick announced that Michael would re-join the band as a full time member again and they would go on a 50th Anniversary Tour. Later in 2019 they were FINALLY voted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! 

To celebrate this honor we’ll play videos daily all this month to celebrate their 50th year in music. Also we’ll dedicate an entire show on Sunday November 8th in their honor playing all their big hits as well as great album cuts. So whether your a fan of a lover of great music we’ll honor their great music legacy!

                                                                     ~DJ L ROB!!!!!


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