Rewind Radio Now’s 1st Artist of the Month: DARYL HALL!

Greetings RewindNATION,

For the first time our station will dedicate an entire month to a particular 70’s/80’s artists or group. What we will do is have daily videos, blogs dedicated to the artist as well as encouraging our listeners to post great stuff about these artists on our Facebook pages. We’ll also feature at least a few songs on our weekly radio shows with the artist’s songs.

This month as out first Artist of the Month for October 2020 we have legendary rock/soul singer songwriter, musician, reality show star and Rock and Roll/Songwriters Hall of Famer Daryl Hall!

Daryl’s musical resume spans 50 years from his college years with his doo-wop group from the mid 1960’s,The Temptones, his rocking years with his band Gulliver, and of course his 53 year friendship and collaboration with fellow Rock and Roll/Songwriter Hall of Famer John Oates! 

Daryl wrote/co-wrote/produced 14 Top Ten songs, seven #1 songs, 14 Gold/Platinum albums including 5 Platinum albums in a row! And is probably the greatest artist to combine ROCK and SOUL! 

Daryl’s birthday is October 11th and we will be honoring him with our 4th Annual DARYL HALL Birthday Music Special which will air LIVE on Sunday October 11th at a special earlier time, 6pm ET/3pm PT. The entire night will be dedicated to Daryl’s musical career from the mid 1960’s thru 2018! Our Daryl show’s are always HUGE events where we attract our biggest listenership for that day so we expect another HUGE audience this year! 

So be on the lookout from here and on Facebook for videos, great trivia and info and if YOU have great Datyl info,videos please feel free to post them on our Facebook pages,TheRewind Retro Lounge and RewindNATION! So let’s celebrate our guy,”D” all month long!

                                                                           ~DJ L ROB!!!

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