Rewind Radio Now…..The First 90 Days~A Look Back(and forward)from creator/owner and Executive Producer of TheREWIND Les “LRob” Robinson

Hello everyone,

I was going thru old post that I’ve done here on the website and noticed that it’s been well over 90 days since I created and TheREWIND and I thought that I needed to convey to you all my thoughts about where the station was when I started,where it is now and where I would like it to go in the future…so here I go. When I started this concept of creating and broadcasting an internet radio station,let alone providing content to it what kind of tasks I would be taking on.Honestly,in the beginning stages I really didn’t have any ideas on how the station would be accepted,let alone the following the station would have three months after I did the first show back on April 30th. The KEY to everything was the credo of the station,to play the greatest hit songs from the 1970’s and 1980’s and to spotlight the artists and musicians that created this great music and THAT vehicle that I used to do this was and is a 3 hour music show called TheREWIND. The first week that I did the show I was discouraged of the lack of people that listened to the show,BUT I got encouragement from a fellow radio broadcaster/host that had his own radio show and invited me to listen to the show and actually interact with the other listeners on Facebook,that person’s name is Terry “T-Bone” Mathley who’s radio show is probably the most eclectic music radio show I’ve EVER heard before in my life!!I listened to the show while following his loyal listeners on Facebook as the music was playing. We got to talk about the music and reflect on the artist that created these great songs and it felt like I was among kindred spirits there and one of the listeners I met there was Koreen Villanueva Debellis who welcomed me into T-Bone Nation with open arms.T-Bone told everyone that I had a new radio music show of my own that I was getting off the ground and that he listened to the show and gave the show an on air plug!! He mentioned MY SHOW on radio airwaves! Tears rolled down my cheeks and from that day forward we BOTH plug each others shows on air each and every show. T-Bone,you’ll never know how much I owe you on the way I pattern my show off of yours but by helping me build MY following from YOUR loyal listening audience. As time passed by,week after week,slowly but surely people listened in,two listeners in particular. One was Holly Frye Orman who absolutely loves 70’s and 80’s music with a passion and expressed the great music I played on the show and vowed to “spread the gospel” about the show among her vast friends who appreciated great music as well. Holly,being a gigantic and loyal fan of the late legendary music artist George Michael asked me a straight forward question via Facebook…”Can you do a George Michael Music tribute show”? I didn’t know what to say,I was honored by her confidence that I could pull it off,but I wasn’t confident AT ALL in myself.She said,not to worry,we’ll do it together and slowly but surely we pulled it together but we needed another source more closer to the heartbeat of the United kingdom,someone who lived there and could express the way the UK felt about the wonderful charities that George was involved in and such. THAT person was Claudia May who added MORE valuable input to the show and on June 25th,2017 on what would have been George Michael’s 54th birthday we pulled it off and did a tremendous show. I say “WE” because without these two “Lovely”people,NONE of this would have happened. The show was recorded and will be replayed from time to time to remind people of that great show. We got a tremendous response from listeners from the UK,but there presented a problem….my show aired at 7:00 PM EST,5 hours behind UK time which was 12 midnight UK time and a lot of the listeners wanted to hear the live shows but at a decent time for them…hence TheREWIND//UK was born,which is a live broadcast of TheREWIND but airing at a decent time for UK audiences,so each and every Wednesday at 7:00PM UK time(2:00 PM EST) I do another live broadcast specifically designed for an “international” audience……AN INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE?!?! …when I started this station,I had NO clue that I would not only do a successful radio program twice a week BUT add another show specifically for an “international” base as well! This is primarily because of the great efforts put in because of these wonderful ladies! Holly and Claudia,words will never express how grateful I am to have you in my life…thank you! I said that when I started this station/website that I wanted to build a “tribe” of loyal listeners slowly but surely,one listener at a time and I think we’ve done so. I value every listener that takes the time out of their busy lives to listen and enjoy the wonderful music that I play on the station and I try to answer EVERY Facebook response that the listeners ask me.I LOVE interacting “with the people”during the shows,It’s fun and I learn things that I never knew before about the artist that create that great music. As for the future of Rewind Radio Now,there are a LOT of things that I want to do BUT these things of course cost money. When I had my webpage created I specifically put space on the website for advertising for extra income.For those of you who frequent the website and have a specific business or know someone who has a specific business they want to promote,I urge you to give this website great consideration for advertising your business or promotions,It’s an upcoming website that is growing in numbers each and every day,you won’t be disappointed.Well I guess that’s all for now,however I will be posting here on a more frequent basis,giving my thoughts to issues that matter to me,music or otherwise so please keep an eye open for that. again,thank you all for listening and for spreading the word the station that plays the BEST music from the 70’s and 80’s,I can’t do it alone,I need you all to help keep the flame lit so tell a friend or 1000 about this website,they WON”T be disappointed!



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