Rewind Radio Now Chronnicles [The Piano Men Series Vol I]: Talking Steve Winwood,Howard Jones and Joe Jackson!

[Chronicles III] Week of 9/7-13 

This week in The Chronicles we’ll talk about our three featured artists that will be a part of our brand new music series, Piano Men starting this Sunday September 13th at 7:00pm ET on TheRewind!


First we start of with Joe Jackson, who started playing piano in neighborhood UK bars at 16, later formed The Joe Jackson Band and came into USA Top 40 radio stations with his first Top 40 song, “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” which went to #21 on the Pop Charts in the summer of 1979. Three years later, in 1982 Jackson scored with his biggest pop hit of his career,“Steppin’ Out”, Joe’s one and only Top 10 hit single (#6) from his biggest selling album, “Nite And Day”. The album also had two other great singles,”Breaking Us In Two” which became his third Top 40 single (#18) and a great album cut,”Real Men”, a song about what a “real man” is. And in 1984 Jackson brought us probably his jazziest single,” You Can’t Get What You Want ( Till You Get What You Want)” which should have been another Top 10 hit but only going to #15. 


Next we come to Howard Jones, a keyboard wiz started out taking piano lessons at age 7. He later moved to Canada and formed a band there but moved back to the UK and went to college while forming another band with his three younger brothers. In early 1983 he was hired by Warner Bros. Records and released his first album, “Human Lib” in the fall of 1983 in the UK and in June 1984 in the U.S.A. The two singles released from his first LP were “New Song” a great cheeful tune that was a huge hit in his native UK and even charted in the States at #27. The music video got HUGE airplay on MTV,so much so people in the States thought the song charted higher than it actually did. His follow up,“What Is Love” was even a bigger hit in the UK,in fact it’s his biggest UK hit (#2) and should have been a bigger hit here in the States but only went to #33 on the Pop Charts but like new Song was a huge hit on MTV and Howard’s career was rising. 1985 was a HUGE year for Jones as he released his second album, “Dream Into Action” which contained his first Top 10 hit,“Things Can Only Get Better” which was a HUGE dance hit and even crossed over onto the R&B Singles Charts (#54). The follow up singles,”Life In One Day”(#19) and ‘Like To Get To Know You Well”(#49) propelled his album to #10 and sold a million units! One song on the album was remixed and released in 1986 and became his biggest hit in the States, “No One Is To Blame” produced and remixed by Genesis producer Hugh Padgham and Phil Collins who provided background vocals and drums. In 1989 Jones had another hit single,“Everlasting Love” which got robbed of a Top 10 hit (#12). 

Last but not least is the great keyboard player/vocalist Steve Winwood who became a musical child prodigy and at age 14 he joined The Spencer Davis Group along with his older brother “Muff” Winwood and created classic songs like “Gimme Some Lovin'” and “I’m A Man”. In 1967 he left The Spencer Davis Group to form Traffic and stayed with them from 1967 to 1974 with a brief hiatus in 1969. Winwood would eventually move on to a solo career and released his first self titled album in 1977. Although the album didn’t have a hit song,buzz from the album propelled it to #22 on The Billboard 200 Album Charts. Four years later Steve released his second album,“Arc Of A Diver” which became a game changer for him. His first release from the album,“While You See A Chance” became his first USA Top Ten hit (#7) and the LP went to #3 and sold a million copies! But his biggest success was yet to come,…five years later in 1986 he would release his fourth album,“Back In The High Life” which would be his biggest selling album, selling over three million units and contained his first #1  and probably most popular song,“Higher Love” which won two Grammy Awards. The entire album is simply fantastic with songs like,”Freedom Overspill”,”Back In The High Life”, “The Finer Things”, “Split Decision” made Winwood an International superstar! In 1987 he released his first greatest hits package,”Chronicles” which contained two remixed versions of his earlier songs, “Valerie” which became a Top Ten hit and “Talking Back To The Night” although not a Top 40 hit was used in a famous beer commercial in the late 80’s. For an encore Steve released “Roll With It” , his fifth solo album which had his second #1 single “Roll With It” whic also went to #30 on the R&B Singles Charts along with his follow up single “Holding On” which went to #11. Roll With It was Steve’s only #1 album.

All three artists had a MAJOR influence in the Second UK Invasion in the 80’s and all three artist stamped their music as a major part of the great music of the 80’s! 

We’ll feature all of their hits this Sunday on TheRewind ! hope to see you there!!

                       ~Leslie Robinson aka DJ L ROB!! 


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