Rewind Radio Now Chronicles[1980]: SOLID GOLD-The TV Series

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In our very first edition of the Rewind Radio Now Chronicles i’ll discuss and share MY memories about one of my favorite music programs from the 80’s and how it impacted me musically…..SOLID GOLD!

My first time watching SOLID GOLD was in January 1980 as a two hour syndicated TV special called Solid Gold ’79 hosted by Dionne Warwick and Glen Campbell which they counted down the Top 50 songs from 1979. Unlike getting their stats on ranking the Top 50 songs from Billboard Magazine like Casey Kasem’s America’s Top 40 Countdown,Solid Gold compiled THEIR stats from Radio & Records,which is based on radio airplay only which differs from Billboard that at the time mainly based their Top 40 songs on record sales. The special was a HUGE hit mainly because of several key factors…

ONE, the funny banter between Dionne Warwick and Glen Campbell was great! Dionne and Glen had great rapport and the show flowed thru. 

TWO, although I don’t exactly remember the songs and the rankings on the 50 song countdown,the on thing that I DID notice was their countdown order list was vastly different from the yearly countdown shows I heard on my local radio stations that were based on strickly Billboard’s stats, which means Solid Gold’s top 10 songs were entirely different from Billboard’s and songs that I would have NEVER heard of if I just listened to my local broadcast countdown shows!

THREE, and probably MOSTLY was their famed Solid Gold Dancers who staged choreographed (and SEXY) dances while the announcer announced the songs in the countdown, and one dancer in particular, Darcel Wynne caught MY eye and every teen male in the USA! The dancers male and female added sex appeal, athletic moves and grace to the show.

The show eventually became a weekly series hosted the first season by Dionne Warwick alone along with comedian Marty( Party with Marty Hardy)Cohen and announcer Robert W. Morgan and was MUST see TV every Saturday evening at 6pm at my house and eventually became on of the top syndicated TV shows all over the world! All three aspects of the show that I mentioned earlier were kept into the show and made it great and different from the other weekly based TV music programs American Bandstand and Soul Train ( although I continued to watch BOTH shows as well)and on of the things I loved was the songs that appeared in the Top 10 countdown that were NEVER Billboard Top 10 songs. I heard and saw artists like Neilsen/Pearson,The Korgies,Roger Daltrey,Photoglo and their songs became hits in MY head although they NEVER came close to becoming hits on radio countdowns. 

Well Solid Gold would eventually go on for 7 more seasons ending in July 1988 with several different hosts and format changes but it was their first season that caught my eyes (and ears) the most! 

Please listen this Sunday August 30th at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT on TheRewind as we’ll rediscover some of these songs as part of our salute to 1980:The Year In Music!

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                  ~~Leslie Robinson aka DJ L ROB!!!

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