REWIND RADIO NOW Chronicles [6 Degrees:EAGLES]: Anatomy of Putting a Show Topic Together!

[Chronicles IV] Week of 9/14-20

This week in The Chronicles I’ll discuss how Executive Producer Holly Frye Orman and I create content/musical themes for a particular show giving you an “inside look” on how we go about developing a particular show.


The process of putting together show content for Holly and myself is relatively simple, we plan our show for and entire month fitting in shows for our Sunday show, TheRewind and our Thursday show, TheRewind’s Retro Lounge. The HARD part is the content/topic for each show as Holly and I don’t want to be constantly repetative. We BOTH realize that although we gain new listeners each and every week, we still have our core listenership who is with us EVERY week, EVERY show and ALL of our listeners are knowledgeable music listeners who love 70’s and 80’s music just as much as Holly ad I do so we have to “BRING IT” EVERY show by keeping our listeners not only entertained but suprised every show…and THAT is HARD to do. So each month, Holly and I plan each show both cautiously and meticulously so we keep our listeners entertained and on their toes for suprises Holly and I have up our sleeves and to do THAT we have what we call “GO TO” series that we do regularly….



We have our Chart Topping Series where we play the Billboard Top 40 Singles for a particular week and year from the 70’s and 80’s. We also have our Album Spotlight Series where we play entire albums from a particular artist/group. But probably our most popular series are our Battle Of The Albums Series and our Battle of The Artists Series where we pit great albums of the 70’s and 80’s that are evenly matched both sales wise and popularity wise against each other and have our listeners vote for their favorite album or artists. It’s a great way of having our listeners become a part of the show and adds excitement to our shows!


This Sunday on TheRewind, we’ll have another in our continuous series, 6 Degrees in which the show centers on a particular artist, this time the artists are the EAGLES with their star studded lineup, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh, Don Felder. The premise of 6 Degrees is that we spotlight a particular artist, playing their hits and also connect other artists associated with the core artists either by song collaborations,production, past relationships,or other reasons. That concept alone would bring a TON of artists along to connect our core artists that makes a great show. It’s these type of programming that Holly and I try to keep our listeners entertained every show.


We hope you join us THIS Sunday as we bring you another one of our continuous musical series designed to keep you all entertained!

                                                          ~DJ L ROB!!

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