RANDOM THOUGHTS:October 1st 2018 is back with the return of TheREWIND

Greetings REWINDNation,

We’re back with the first “Random Thoughts” in over two months with some great news…..the return of TheREWIND and TheREWIND//UK !!! 

First off I’d like to thank everyone for being so patient during our hiatus and a special thanks to all of our faithful listeners who tuned into the station despite the lack of “live” shows. The station has been averaging well over 30+ listeners a day which shows dedication and mutual love for great music from the 70’s and 80’s. When I first saw this I was shocked because aside from regular posting on Facebook from our Executive Producers Claudia May and Holly Frye Orman there was no postings here or anything but when I started to think about it,it made sense since we have fantastic loyal listeners,many have been with us since the beginning and love our format. We here most appreciate you all hanging in there with us as we took some sorely needed personal time off. THANK YOU!! We hope to reward you all with great shows coming up! Having said that…..


October is chock full of new “LIVE” shows as we return to live programming starting with our 2nd Annual Daryl Hall Birthday Special which airs live on Thursday October 11th at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Last year when we aired the first special we had our largest audience to date with over 500 listeners tuning in to the show. We hope to break that record this year as we’ve already started advertising on Facebook and Instagram in anticipation for the show, This year I plan to change things up a bit instead of playing Daryl’s music chronologically like I normally to,I intend to mix things up a bit and including an extended “live music” segment which will feature the great music from Daryl and John Oates from live concerts from their past shows!! As you all know,I’m a BIG TIME Hall&Oates fan and I’m looking forward to bring you all this special so be on the lookout for details both here and on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram and Google Plus!


The Daryl Hall Special is just the beginning…we also have the return of our regular lineup with the return of TheREWIND  starting Monday October 15th at 7:00 PM Eastern time as we wind down our Endless Summer Nights Series where the theme will be Cool Change as we’ll feature the music of The Little River Band,Christopher Cross,Blondie,Gordon Lightfoot and much more! The return of TheREWIND//UK returns with a new day and time,starting Friday October 19th at a new time,3:00 PM Eastern Time/8:00 PM-20:00 UK-Euro Time as we bring back our REWIND Essentials Album Spotlight Series with George Michael’s 1996 LP Older as well as his live concert EP Unplugged. Of course we’ll play some of George’s big hits as well so if your a big George Michael/WHAM! fan be sure to tune in for this show! Fridays at 3:00PM ET/8:00PM UK time will be the permanent date and time for the show. also coming up we’ll take you back to your local roller/ice skating rink on Monday October 22nd at 7:00 PM ET with great music of the 70’s and 80’s that was played at skating rinks all over with a show entitled ALL SKATE!! On Friday October 26th we continue our Producers Series with famed music producer Hugh Padgham and featuring music from such artists as The Police,Genesis,Phil Collins,Hall and Oates,Sting and more. We finish the month of October with a show dedicated to “live” music from some of your favorite artists called Livetime! 

So get ready for the return of our great programming,great shows and of course great music all month long from Claudia,Holly and myself so stay tuned!!!!

Leslie “DJ L ROB” Robinson-President/COO/Executive prod.




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