RANDOM THOUGHTS form The Captain’s Chair……

Greetings REWINDNation,

I just got done doing our very 1st NEW regular weekly segment,Move It Mondays which will air here each and every Monday morning from 8:00 AM ET -approx. 9:00 AM ET. The concept behind Move It Mondays is simply music specifically chosen to motivate you to get your Monday’s off to a great start! The 70’s and 80’s has a ton of hit music that motivates and gets people going and I want to help by playing some great music to start everyone’s week,whether it be the beginning of your work week,school week or just something to get you going! I hope you all listen and maybe we can do more during the week….we’ll see. Please leave your response whether you like it or not either here or on Facebook.



Man,the month of February has flown by so fast,we’re fast approaching the station’s 1st Anniversary which is Sunday April 29th. We’ll also be celebrating our 100th show(technically it will be around 109 shows but who’s counting)so please be on the look out either here or Facebook for upcoming announcements.


We did our very first “BEST OF”ThursdayREWIND last week and we got great numbers,listener wise! As a reminder,The BEST OF ThursdayREWIND is a rebroadcast of that week’s editions of Sunday’s REWIND and Wednesday’s REWIND//UK that airs each Thursday starting at 2:00 PM ET/7:00 PM-19:00 UK time which will re-air the previously aired TheREWIND and at 5:00 PM ET/10:00 PM-22:00 UK time,we’ll re-air theREWIND//UK which aired the previous day. This way our International listeners can hear are national show at a decent time for them and our national listeners can listen to the International show at a normal time for them. 



A reminder,tune in this Wednesday,2:00 PM ET/7:00 PM-19:00 UK time for another installment of our Masterpiece Series on theREWIND//UK. We dedicate the show to singer,songwriter,musician,actor,the late David Bowie who’s musical career spans from 1970 to 2016 and according to many people changed how we LOOKED at music. Do you have any favorite Bowie songs? Let me know either here or on Facebook and we’ll play them for you!


Well,that’s all I got!……questions,ideas,rants? Let Holly,Claudia or me know here or on Facebook.

               Leslie “LRob” Robinson-Founder,Exec.In Charge Of Production

               Rewind Radio

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