Some RANDOM THOUGHTS from The Captain’s Chair…..April 2018

Greetings REWINDNation,

It’s been a couple weeks since I last did a “Random Thoughts” blog but I’m back and I’d like to talk about the upcoming radio schedule for April 2018!


First off I’m so thankful for your positive feedback via Facebook and beyond for our Chart Topping Series/Top 40 Countdown shows that we’ve run in the past couple months. Each show that we did brought us not only more listeners compared to our other shows but we’ve gotten more NEW listeners than ever before and that’s a great sign because that’s how you build a listener base,via “word of mouth” and listener participation during the shows on Facebook. Trust me,we’ll be doing a LOT more countdown shows in the near future! They’re fun,some of these songs people haven’t heard in YEARS and listeners enjoy trying to figure out which song actually made it to #1 on the countdown. BTW,these Top 40 countdowns are actually based on the official Billboard Top 40 Singles Charts for a particular week and year.


Our Executive Producers to the station,Holly Frye Orman and Claudia May have done a FANTASTIC job coming up with great programming for the month of April including a special birthday celebration show for singer,songwriter producer and author and part of one of music’s GREATEST collaborations,John Oates as we spotlight his contributions to Hall & Oates as well as his other projects with groups like The Parachute Club and Icehouse. We’ll enjoy the music from producer,musician,dance music ICON and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Nile Rodgers. We’ll dedicate an entire show to one of pop music’s GREATEST albums,Stevie Wonder’s Songs In The Key Of Life released in 1976 and we’ll listen to some of the song remakes on that LP by George Michael,Mary J. Blige. Also slated for April we’ll listen to some great movie soundtracks from the 70’s and 80’s, hear great music from UK producers Stock,Aitken and Waterman and it all leads up to our One Year Anniversary Show on April 29th. More info on that great show is coming soon. 


So there you have it,an inside track on what’s going on here at the station for April! I’ll have more thoughts coming up in the upcoming weeks. Until then….

                                                    ~Leslie “DJ LRob” Robinson

                             Creator,Producer,Music Director and Host/

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