Programming Note……

First off I would like to send special Get Well wishes to our own Holly Frye Orman who has had quite a spell in the time being. She’s become a grandmother (Congratulations) but sadly at the same time had a family friend pass away,her other grandson become ill and now she has been ill,in fact she was hospitalized these past couple days. Along with myself and our other producer,Claudia we wish Holly a speedy and full recovery! Having said that,in deference to Holly,we will postpone the planned show for tonight and instead have a “FREESTYLE” show tonight starting at 7:00 PM ET as we play all type of music from the 70’s and 80’s,pop,R&B,smooth jazz,disco,yacht rock,old school rap,we’ll play it all so we’ll have an eclectic show for sure! Since Holly’s under the weather I’ll need everyone’s help on Facebook so please join me for some great fun tonight!

                                        ~DJ L ROB!!

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