-A Prayer for a Special Friend,Terry “T-Bone” Mathley

Greetings REWINDNation,

A few days ago as I was reading thru my Facebook feeds I received some news so shocking it completely devastated me. I read that not only my Facebook friend,mentor and fellow radio host,Terry Mathley aka T-Bone Mathley who had been through a bunch of health issues as of late suffered a severe health setback so severe that he terminated his long running radio program,T-Bone’s Prime Cuts which has aired for 8 years. When he wrote this on Facebook I was completely floored. For those of you who may not know when I started Rewind Radio Now and TheREWIND,T-Bone was instrumental in me getting the station off the ground and helping me program my format for my show. Basically I copied the way HE did his show,while the songs were playing during the show,he and his listeners provided feedback via Facebook and they sort of had an open house,town meeting,commenting on the songs that were being played and reminiscing about old times that we enjoyed. T-Bone’s shows were the most eclectic shows that I’ve EVER heard. He went from classic rock,blues,classic jazz,country,heavy metal,bubble gum pop,rap and R&B. By the time you finished listening to one of his shows,it was like you were on a roller coaster ride going all over the place and by the time you got off the ride you were woozy but you wanted to go back on the ride again and again,THAT’S what made his 2 hour shows so special! I’m praying that he can get back to health so he could go back to doing his radio show again but MOST of all,I’m praying for him to pull through and get better and I hope you all do the same. Thank you for coming into my life and helping me upon my internet musical radio journey,the encouragement to even start this thing and all the help you gave me along the way. Just know that I LOVE you My Brother and will ALWAYS be in my prayers. Hang in there,Terry and May GOD Bless.


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