October 11th at 5 PM ET Rewind Radio Now proudly presents our 2nd Annual Daryl Hall Birthday Music Special

Finally we’re back on the air, and to mark the return of Rewind Radio Now broadcasting LIVE we proudly present to you our 2nd Annual Daryl Hall’s Birthday Music Special!!! We’ll dedicate the entire show to the music of Daryl’s solo career,his vast, extensive catalog with longtime collaborator John Oates and also his major contributions with other artists such as Robert Fripp,Elvis Costello,INXS,Eric Clapton and Dusty Springfield. We’ll also dedicate an entire segment to the great LIVE music from Daryl throughout the years. Please follow the show on Facebook with Holly,Claudia and myself for comments,request and fun facts and trivia. I’m personally looking forward to reconnecting to my folks at REWINDNation and I couldn’t think of a better way of doing so by starting things off with you,me and DARYL HALL!!

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