NO SHOW TONIGHT due to Election Coverage

In deference to the tight Presidential Election Vote and the importance and impact that it has for our country, we will not be on the air live tonight for TheRewind’s Retro Lounge out of respect to our U.S.A. voters who want to watch the election results. In MY opinion, it’s more inportant to know the outcome of this VERY important election that doing this show as quite frankly my heart wouldn’t be in it in the first place. This decision has NOTHING to do with Holly’s opinion or point of view, this is solely MY choice. I apologize to all of you that wanted to listen to music to keep your mind off of what’s going on out there in the political world but I have to be honest with you about my feelings on this. I NEVER talked politics here on the website or during the show EXCEPT last Sunday’s show and ONLY because I urged our listeners to get out and vote, no matter WHO you were voting for and I don’t want to use this website OR the station for political purposes ONLY for enjoying music no matter WHAT your political affiliation is! But this election is VERY important for obvious reasons and for that reason we’re postponing the show. We SHOULD be back on the air LIVE this Sunday at 6:00pm ET for The PreWind and 7:00pm ET for TheRewind. My apologies to all of our International listeners and I hope you all understand. Thank you and remember if you just want to enjoy music the station is playing music 24 hours a day so feel free to listen. Again thank you for understanding.

          ~Leslie Robinson-Creator/Exexcutive producer-Rewind Radio


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