My Review of ReMastered:The Two Killings of SAM COOKE Netflix Documentary

I just finished watching the new Netflix documentary,ReMastered:The Two Killings Of Sam Cooke and i thoroughly enjoyed it! The documentary reviews the life of legendary pop/R&B/gospel singer-songwriter Sam Cooke and came away re-educated on how I looked at not only how Sam died but how became a civil rights pioneer back when it was dangerous to do so. Few people know that Sam Cooke wrote the majority of the songs he sang and also he was the manager for a lot of rising 60’s R&B groups such as The Valentino’s. I won’t spoil the details but after looking at this provocative documentary,you’ll know the full meaning behind “Two Killings”! I’m looking forward to looking at more Netflix music documentaries! This is a MUST watch film!

      ~Leslie”DJ L ROB”Robinson-2/11/19

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