My first post !!!!

Hello everyone,

I would like to thank everyone for checking out my website. This,for me is a dream come true. Although this is the first time I’ve created/produced/hosted my own website/internet radio station,this isn’t my first rodeo into internet radio. My first time sitting in front of a microphone doing internet radio was in 2007 when I was given my own music radio show called Black And Blue on by GTown Radio creator/station manager Jim Bear. I want to thank you,Jim for giving me the chance to live out my lifelong dream,and for a year I did just that! Black And Blue,actually is the genesis for TheREWIND,and I want to thank the people who first started on GTownRadio,the pioneers like Len”Cruze”Webb and Reade McCardell and of course Jim Bear who helped get the station off the ground and running! My second run at doing an internet radio show,albeit a brief run was on I want to also thank host/creator/station manager Dalila Robin for giving me the opportunity to continue what I started at GTownRadio. Although my stay was brief,I truly enjoyed the energy we had there. You can find Dalila Robin every Sunday afternoon from 1pm-3pm on PhillyCAM Radio/WPPM 106.5 FM or at Now that I have the website up and running,it’s just a matter of time before we start doing live broadcasts and start a regular set schedule. I’ll be doing test runs in the meantime,please feel free to enjoy the music from the Rewind Radio Now library. I’ll be posting here nearly everyday so drop by and check me out! I’ll soon have news about another media venture that I’ll be soon involved in,until then enjoy!                 -LRob

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