In Memorium- MARTY BALIN (1942-2018) Co-creator of Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship

Greetings REWINDNation,

Sad news in the world of music,co-founder of both Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship,musician,songwriter,vocalist Marty Balin passed away this past Thursday September 27th at the age of 76. His voice was to myself and many people,pure gold! He not only co-founded Jefferson Airplane,which had classic hits such as,”White Rabbit” and “Somebody To Love” but help create the “San Francisco acid rock music” sound of the 1960’s but co-founded a more modern incarnation of the band as Jefferson Starship in 1974 with such classic hits as “With Your Love” and “Count On Me”,”Runaway” and the all time classic song,”Miracles”. In 1981 he embarked on a solo career with a Top 10 LP simply called “Balin” which spawned top hit songs,his only top 10 hit single,”Hearts” and a very underrated top 40 hit single,”Atlanta Lady”. His voice and music will be remembered forever….certainly here on the station as we’ll always remember his smooth voice.

                    Leslie Robinson (DJ L ROB)

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