Huey Lewis & The News(SPORTS) vs Bruce Springsteen & The “E” Street Band(BORN IN THE U.S.A.) Tale of The Tape!

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Since we’re doing our 2nd Battle Of The ALBUMS this Sunday October 27th at 7:00 pm ET//4:00 PM PT on TheREWIND it’s fitting that we should compare each hit single from our two albums we’ll pit against each other….Huey Lewis & The News-SPORTS 1983 vs Bruce Springsteen & The “E” Street Band-Born In The U.S.A. 1984! We’ll call this the TALE OF THE TAPE!…a boxing term that gives listeners specific details on each hit song so you’ll know about each hit single from each album so having said that here we go……

Huey Lewis & The News (SPORTS) released Sept. 1983 #1(US-LP) #23 (UK-LP) sold 7,000,000 (7X Platinum),ranked 2nd highest ranked LP in 1984!

  1. HEART and SOUL- #8(US Billboard Singles Charts) first song released from the album November 1983.
  2. I WANT A NEW DRUG-#6(US) #1(US Dance) their first GOLD record(500,000 units sold) January 1984
  3. THE HEART OF ROCK & ROLL-#6(US) released April 1984
  4. IF THIS IS IT-#6(US) #5 (Adult Contemporary Charts) released July 1984
  5. WALKING ON A THIN LINE-#18(US) released October 1984
  6. BAD IS BAD-(although never released as a single this song had a music video that was very popular with Huey Lewis fans)

Bruce Springsteen & The “E” Street Band (BORN IN THE U.S.A.) released June 1984 #1 (US-LP) #1(UK LP) sold 15,000,000 (15X Platinum) (1X Diamond-given to an album which has sold over ten million units),#1 ranked album in 1985, ranked #19th biggest selling album of all time in the United States.

  1. -DANCING IN THE DARK-#2(US) #7(US Dance) #4(UK) PLATINUM single(for selling over 1 million units), first song released from album May 1984
  2. -COVER ME-#7(US) #11(US Dance) #16(UK),GOLD single(500,000 units sold) released July 1984
  3. -BORN IN THE U.S.A.-#9(US) #5(UK) GOLD single (500,000 units sold) tittle track released October 1984
  4. -I’M ON FIRE- #6(US) #6(US AC) #5(UK) released February 1985
  5. -GLORY DAYS-#5(US) #17(UK) released May 1985
  6. -I’M GOIN’ DOWN-#9(US) released August 1985
  7. -MY HOMETOWN-#6(US) #1(AC) #9(UK),GOLD single(500,000 units sold) released November 1985

OK so you have all the details on each album so now you can determine which album has more hits based on facts with each song! And don’t forget to listen to the show this Sunday at 7:00PM ET//4:00PM PT as we pit these albums against each other!

                                                                           ~DJ L ROB!!

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