A HAPPY NEW YEARS MESSAGE from Leslie “LRob” Robinson

I just want to wish everyone a Happy 2018 to all at REWINDNation and a thank you all for a great 2017. On this day,one year ago I got the itch to go back and do internet radio,something that I first got into in 2007 on

and a little in 2015 on I knew i wanted to do 70’s and 80’s music but I wanted to do the show “MY WAY”and not to conform to someone else’s schedule and standards,I wanted to set MY OWN standards so that meant that I needed to have my OWN show so I had to have my OWN radio station. So went the process of creating what you now see/hear now. I have a LOT more work to do and I’m working on making our station competitive with other leading internet music stations. Having said that Rewind Radio started in April 2017 and we’re still here,8 months later playing the BEST music from the 70’s and 80’s! I want to give a special thanks to Holly Fry Orman and Claudia May,our Facebook REWINDNation Editors and show co-producers. In my opinion,they are just as important,if not MORE important to the success of the station as I am,PERIOD! It is because of them that we have the loyal listeners that we do and for that I am forever grateful to them both! Also I want to thank my good friend and fellow radio broadcaster/DJ/radio host Terry “T-Bone” Mathley,host of T-Bone’s Prime Cuts,

It was T-Bone who gave me the inspiration and the pattern on how to run my shows via Facebook. I will forever be in his debt for all of his help as well as recording our “Masterpiece Series” special shows this past year. Most of all I want to thank all the listeners old and new for spending just a little part of your busy day listening to the station. We gain new listeners each and every week,even when we’re not live on the air and that makes me feel that it’s all worth it.2018 will hopefully bring more great music and more great shows and I’m looking forward to all that and more in the upcoming year. On a personal note,this year was filled with a LOT of changes,ups and downs,highs and lows for myself and my family but I’m hoping 2018 will be rock steady and hopefully sail on a new and prosperous course for the New Year.(Fingers crossed…wink,wink..LOL)…so to everyone,I hope we ALL have a safe,prosperous and Happy 2018!


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