{EP~135} {UK~47} Today at 3PM ET/8:00PM UK time marks the return of TheREWIND//UK with our Album Spotlight Series-George Michael:OLDER

  This Friday marks the return of TheREWIND//UK, our show specifically for our international audience and we bring you the return of our REWIND Essential Album Spotlight Series as we review and play George Michael’s 1996 LP,”OLDER”. With international hits such as Jesus To A Child,Fastlove,Spinning The Wheel and others, we’ll listen to the entire LP and as a extra added bonus we will play select songs from George’s 2017 LP Unplugged as well as various select George Micheal classics. This show is being executive produced by our own Claudia May! Please follow Claudia,Holly and myself on Facebook during the show for comments,trivia and overall fun. So if your a GM fan or just love great music please tune in this Friday at 3:00 PM ET/8:00 PM~20:00 UK-Euro time!

                               ~DJ L ROB

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