My first edition of ….”Random Thoughts”,in a LONG time…

Greetings REWINDNation,

I haven’t done a “legit” blog here for a LONG time. For that I want to apologize for that and let you know that I’ll be doing at least a weekly blog talking about random thoughts,the latest in the world of music and life in general so I hope you take time out to read and more importantly,send feedback and give YOUR opinions on issues so we can move our shows,TheREWIND and theREWIND//UK forward to give YOU the listeners what YOU want to hear musically from the 70’s and 80’s. Having said that,well here goes…….


I just found out that Howard Stern will pay tribute to Rock ICON,the late David Bowie with a music special on Friday February 9th at 10PM ET. He has gathered a great array of music artist to record some of David Bowie’s biggest and best known songs. The list of artist Stern recruited to take part in this nearly year long project include,Peter Frampton,and my Philly homeboys Todd Rundgren and my man,Daryl Hall who recorded Bowie’s 1975 #1 classic,Fame”(I heard it and D sounds fantastic).Unfortunately,right now the only way you can hear this special is if you have Sirius/XM Satellite radio and if you subscribe to The Howard Stern channel,Howard 100. I’m hoping that this special makes it’s way on a CD/album so I can purchase it. If your a Bowie fan,this is a special you can’t pass up!


Congrats to my hometown NFL team,the Philadelphia Eagles for defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII this past Sunday February 4th. There will be a victory parade this Thursday,February 8 in Philadelphia and there are estimates that more than 3 million people will attend(I’ll watch the festivities on TV,thank you very much).Here’s hoping there won’t be any dangerous incidents and everyone is safe.


Don’t forget to tune in this Wednesday at 2:00PM ET//7:00PM UK time to theREWIND//UK to listen to our “All DISCO”Show as we play some of disco’s greatest hits,so if your a fan of the genre or just a fan of great music,please tune in.


Well that’s it from me,please feel free to send an e-mail or comment via Facebook to tell me what YOU think. I’ll be writing these hopefully on a weekly basis and I hope you give us feedback. Til’ then,I’ll SEE you on the radio!


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