[EP~99.3]Please join us this Sunday as TheREWIND proudly celebrates John Oates’s Birthday!!

Yes this Sunday, we’ll dedicate the entire show to one of pop music’s most underrated musicians,Philly’s own John Oates!! We’ll follow John’s career from the beginnings as he and his longtime musical collaborator and musical brother from another Momma,Daryl Hall got together in the early 70’s,created what would later be known as “The Hall&Oates Sound” or “Rock & Soul” and became pop music ICON’s! We’ll also hear some of John’s solo work and John’s collaborations with Canada’s The Parachute Club and Australian Band Icehouse. If our Daryl Hall Birthday Special was any indication of how many people enjoyed sharing the music of Hall & Oates then this should be a great show also! Please join Holly,Claudia and myself on Facebook during the show while we enjoy some great music from my Philly Homeboy John Oates!

                                                                      ~DJ LRob

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