[EP~97]Tonight at 7PM ET TheREWIND presents Coffee House Night IV {The Best Of Yacht Rock} featuring Air Supply,Christopher Cross,Steely Dan,Dan Fogelberg and more!

Tonight at 7:00 PM ET on TheREWIND,we have a favorite music genre of mine,”Yacht Rock” which is a combination of Adult Contemporary,Soft Rock,Easy Listening,light R&B,a taste of 80’s pop and more. Let’s just say,you’ll know it when you hear it. Many people say it’s “corny” and “not cool” but yet and still every time a yacht rock song is played on the radio,EVERYONE’S snapping their fingers,tapping their feet and miming the words word by word. So tonight REWINDNation,we let go of our silly music “coolness” and embrace our inner Barry Manilow in all of us and enjoy some great music tonight! Of course Holly and Claudia will be on Facebook while the show is on so please leave us a comment about the show and in hour 3 of the show..your request! Be there AND be square!!

                                                                    ~DJ LRob

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