[EP~95] Tonight at 7PM ET we play our 3rd REWIND Top 40 Songs Countdown with music from 30 Years ago this week March 11th,1988

That’s right,REWINDNation,

Tonight starting at 7:00 PM ET we’ll play the original Billboard Top 40 songs from the week ending March 11th,1988..30 years ago today!! You’ll hear from such great 80’s artist as Tiffany,George Michael,Sting,Rick Astley,INXS,Billy Ocean and more! Special thanks to VP/Exec. Producer-Holly Frye Orman for producing tonight’s show. Please follow us as the show goes on via Facebook with Claudia and Holly as we enjoy some great music from the late 80’s, courtesy of TheREWIND!!

                                                                                                               ~DJ LRob

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