[EP~94] {UK-28} theREWIND//UK presents our 2nd Top 40 Countdown,this time The UK Top 40 Songs from the week ending March 9th,1985 today at 2PM ET//7PM UK time

Since our 1st Top 40 countdown was such a success,we’ve decided to keep it going as we replay the Top 40 UK songs from the week ending March 9th,1985.Now those of you in the USA might be saying t yourself,I won’t recognize ANY of the songs on this UK Top 40 list…NOT SO! In fact all but 14 songs in the Top 40 actually charted on The Billboard Top 40 as well. You’ll hear from artists like,Prince & The Revolution,Bruce Springsteen,Madonna,Hall & Oates,Phil Collins and many more! So please tune in promptly at 2:00 PM ET//7:00 PM-19:00 UK time so you get the FULL effect of going back in time 33 years ago and enjoying classic hits and songs you may never have heard of. Special thanks to VP/Exec. Producer Claudia May for producing today’s show! Please follow us on Facebook as we listen to the hits…right here on theREWIND//UK !!

                                                                        ~DJ LRob

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