[EP~86] {UK-24}theREWIND//UK this Wednesday February 7th at 2PM ET US time//7PM UK time we go “All DISCO”

 This Wednesday on theREWIND//UK, we breakout the silk shirts,the polyester three piece suits and the platform Italian shoes,splash on that Hai Karate cologne and dance to the music as we go “All DISCO” starting at 2:00PM ET US time//7:00PM-19:00 UK-Euro time. We’ll play all the great music from the 70’s that you know and love. From The Bee Gees to Donna Summer and every other artist in-between. In fact, 3 hours may not even be long enough to play all these classic hits so be ready to stay late and dance! Special thanks to our Exec.Producer/VP Claudia May for producing our show and please join her,Exec.Producer/VP Holly Frye Orman and myself on Facebook while the show is going on as we all enjoy the fantastic world of DISCO Music!!

                                                                                 ~DJ LRob

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