[EP~70] {UK~16}Today at 2PM US ET//7PM-19:00 UK time it’s a special combo episode of TheREWIND~theREWIND//UK

Today we have a special 4 hour combo edition of TheREWIND~theREWIND//UK in which we honor our Artist Of The Week-Sting and The Police! We’ll delve into the very beginnings of The Police in 1977-78 and go right into Sting’s solo career well into the late 1990’s. We’ll also take request and being it’s the last show of the week(SORRY FOLKS,NO REWIND TOMORROW IN HONOR OF THANKSGIVING). Please follow Claudia,Holly and myself on Facebook while we listen to some fantastic music from one of Pop music’s most diversified artist! So celebrate the Holidays early and have a evening spot of tea and there will also be a special Birthday shoutout to …..ME,LOL!!(My birthday is actually on Friday but who’s counting) So please join us for a great show!!


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