[EP~60] {UK~13} theREWIND//UK brings you,”Groups/Artist Who Couldn’t Crack America this Wednesday October 25th at 7PM-19:00 UK time//2PM ET US time

On the next edition of theREWIND//UK, we delve into artist from the late 70’s and 80’s who,although they were #1 superstars in their native UK but did not find nearly as much success in the USA. Artist such as Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry,Erasure,Kylie Minogue and Take That and Robbie Williams who will be our featured “Artist Of The Week” next Wednesday November 1st. Thanks to our “UK” producer,Claudia May who is the Executive Producer for this show for coming up with these artist who are all but obscure to the US music listeners but are UK legends in England! The music starts promptly at 7PM UK time/2PM ET US time so don’t be late! We’ll ALL get a music lesson for sure!


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